Workshop Information

The first ARUNA-workshop was held at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana on June 12 and 13, 2014.
The purpose of this workshop is to begin the writing of a white paper as input to the NSAC Long-Range Plan on behalf of the ARUNA laboratories. The white paper will be presented at the Low-Energy Community Meeting August 21-23 at the Mitchell Institute on the campus of Texas A&M University, another ARUNA member.

2014 ARUNA Workshop, McKenna Hall Auditorium, University of Notre Dame


June 12, 2014

A) Operations, Capabilities and Future Plans of ARUNA laboratories

Conveners: Michael Wiescher and Ingo Wiedenhoever

8:00 Opening remarks (Wiescher / Wiedenhoever)
8:10 ND (Wiescher)
8:20 Texas A&M (Yennello)
8:30 FSU (Wiedenhoever)
8:40 Seattle (Garcia)
8:50 TUNL (Howell)
9:10 Ohio (Brune)
9:20 Kentucky (Peters)
9:30 U Mass Lowell (Chowdhury)
9:40 Open Discussion

10:00-10:30 Break

B) Outreach, Education and Workforce development, Convener: S. Yennello

10:30 Mark Riley(FSU) – Outreach overview – with examples from FSU
10:40 Outreach efforts at other ARUNA facilities
10:45 Open discussion about Outreach
10:55 Umesh Garg (UND) – Undergraduate education overview – with examples from ND
11:05 Undergraduate education efforts at other ARUNA facilities
11:10 Sally Hicks (Univ. of Dallas) – research at ARUNA facility for students from undergraduate institution
11:15 Open discussion about Undergraduate education
11:25 Calvin Howell (TUNL) – Graduate education overview – with examples from TUNL
11:35 Graduate and postdoctoral education efforts at other ARUNA facilities
11:40 Open discussion about Graduate and postdoctoral education
11:50 Remaining thoughts about how ARUNA facilities enable / enhance opportunities for education and workforce development.

12:00- 1.00 Lunch Buffet will be served

C) Fundamental Symmetries, Convener: Alejandro Garcia

1:00 John Greene (ANL) A national target laboratory
1:30 Peter Mueller (ANL) : Studies with 6He at Seattle.
1:50 Yuan Mei (LBNL): Studies with an EIBT at Berkeley.
2:10 Dan Melconian (absent: A. Garcia will present): Studies with a Penning Trap at TAMU.

2:30- 3:00 Break

D) Nuclear Astrophysics, Convener: Carl Brune

3:00 Catherine Deibel (LSU) Nuclear Astrophysics with the Yale Split Pole, now at FSU
3:20 Richard Longland (NCSU) Nuclear Astrophysics at TUNL
3:40 Ingo Wiedenhoever (FSU) Resonance spectroscopy with the (d,n) reaction for
Nuclear Astrophysics
4:00 Carl Brune (OU) Neutron Time-of-Flight Measurements for Nuclear Astrophysics at
Ohio U
4:20 Michael Wiescher (ND) Nuclear Astrophysics at NSL
4:40 Manoel Couder (ND) The CASPAR Underground Accelerator

5:00 - 5:15 Break

E) Nuclear Structure and Reactions, Convener: Ingo Wiedenhoever

5:15 Calvin Howell (TUNL) Nuclear Structure Research at TUNL
Cody Folden (Texas A&M) Survival of excited compound nuclei and online chemistry experiments at Texas A&M
Con Beausang (U. Richmond) Fission and Nuclear Structure Studies at
Steve Yates (UK) Nuclear Structure Research at UK
C. Brune (OU) Statistical Nuclear Physics
I. Wiedenhoever (FSU) Transfer reactions with exotic beams

Friday, June 13, 2014:

F) Applications Conveners G. Peaslee and Manouel Couder

8:30 Jay Laverne (UND) Radiation effects in heavy ion radiolysis
8:50 Maxime Brodeur (UND) Small university accelerators
9:10 Graham Peaslee (Hope College) Ion Beam Applications
9:30 Calvin Howell (TUNL) Research for Homeland Security
9:50 Partha Chowdhury (UMASS Lowell), Detector Development at the UMASS Lowell
10:10 Carl Brune (Ohio U) Neutron Applications at Ohio University

10:30-11:00 Break

11:00 Discussion and Formulation of the platform for the ARUNA white paper
Ingo Wiedenhoever: What's next